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Hamster Hanging Hammock


Hamster Nest Bed

Small Animal Unicorn Hanging Bed Hideout House for Guinea pig, hamster, rat, bunny, rabbit, Chinchilla, degus, African pygmy hedgehogs
Winter Warm Habitat Bedding Machine Washable Cage Toys Accessories with 4 Hooks

Hamster Hammock

HOMEYA Pet Small Animal Hanging Hammock, Bunkbed Hammock Toy for Ferret Hamster Parrot Rat Guinea-Pig Mice

Hamster Hideout Tunnel

Shy hamster always likes to find a place that nobody can see it, or it will get unhappy. A hideout house is a good choice. The colorful bright pattern with soft fleece material make the tunnel looks cute and sweet, can’t be more suitable for little hamsters. They will also like the
curtains that separate the inner from outside world.

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Arrived a day early. The watermelon kiwi pattern is super cute, my daughter picked it out and is very happy with it. We like that the straps are adjustable so we can change the height the hammock hangs at.


Our guinea pigs love these bunk bed hammocks. They're easy to put in and take out, for cleaning.


Works great, fits well, easy fold and unfold (also cute)!